Our business serves one important customer at a time. From uniform rentals to cleaning supplies, HCLS works to meet the needs of all sectors and businesses throughout northwest Wyoming, West Yellowstone, Montana, and eastern Idaho. Knit into our comprehensive transportation and delivery system are necessary janitorial and earth-friendly cleaning products, from Proctor and Gamble laundry systems to automated dishwasher supplies, toilet and facial tissues, and professional window cleaning tools.

A Legacy in Laundry


Teton Laundry is founded by Al and Theresa Martin, immigrants from Germany.

As tourism increases, horse and buggy tote linens to and from ranches, motels and restaurants.


Teton Laundry expanded their clientele, prompting investment in an automated folding machine.

At this time, clients spanned from Afton in the south and Yellowstone in the north.


Teton Laundry becomes High Country Linen Service.

Long-term employee Mark Barron takes over and gradually increases automation.


A fire destroys the laundry, prompting a 13-month rebuild.


HCLS implements energy efficient processes and green products to honor the surrounding environment.


In 2022, High Country Linen Service was purchased by Joe Paulson, the Director of Operations at the time, continuing HCL's legacy of local ownership.

Present Day

What started in a cabin on the banks of Cache Creek has grown into a 21,000 sq. ft. production facility, featuring some of the most sophisticated conveyor equipment in the world.

Today, High Country Linen proudly serves clients throughout northwest Wyoming, West Yellowstone, Montana, and eastern Idaho, and we look forward to serving your business long into the future.

Why Work with Us?

Environmental Stewardship

We live, work and play in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. As a key service provider in the southern gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, we embrace the challenge of reducing the impacts of our environmental footprint. We provide high-quality and environmentally responsible laundry, uniforms and linen supply services and systems by implementing:

  • Highly automated, water efficient washer/extractors and gas dryers
  • Heat reclamation systems to capture energy from soiled water
  • Trucks fueled by Compressed Natural Gas that reduce emissions by roughly 50%
  • 100% Green Energy from Lower Valley Energy’s wind farms for all our operations and housing electricity

Commitment to Community

Teton County is our home and as a long-standing business in the community we recognize how important it is to give back. HCLS is proud to support non-profits, youth programs and events that enrich the lives of our neighbors including:

  • Teton Valley Foundation
  • JH Indoor
  • Jackson Hole High School
  • Salt River Arts
  • Wyoming Hospitality and Travel Coalition
  • Rotary Club of Jackson Hole

Individualized Approach

Our business serves one important customer at a time. From our Rental Rescue program to our entry mat services, we take a personalized approach to meeting the needs of your unique business or event.

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