Health + Safety

Medical Kits

A well-stocked medical kit shows your employees and guests that you care. Consult our team to find the perfect kit to meet the broader needs of your clients and customers.

  • Small and large sizes available to meet your OSHA requirements

AED Stations

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are now available as a rental service through HCLS, bringing life-saving devices to your business and keeping upfront costs down. AED batteries are monitored and replaced as needed.

Eye Wash Stations

Wash away irritants and prevent eye injuries with an in-house eye wash station that doesn't require expensive plumbing or installation.

Motorist First Aid Kit

Designed for travel convenience. Includes quality first aid products required to treat injured workers so they are able to return to the job. These durable cases ensure contents are protected from the day to day exposure to dust and damage.

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